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TV Personality Stephanie Coker is out with her very own hair line called Krochet Kulture!

Krochet Kulture provides its clients with trendy protective hair extensions and styles that will enhance their manes. This protective method is quick, easy and a stress free experience for women of all races.

Speaking on the new line, Stephanie Coker says “I’m often asked what hair I use or who installs my twists, especially as my hair is relaxed. I embarked on a journey into hairstyles and methods and found a new trendy and stylish way of braiding. Compared to the conventional form of braiding, Krochet Kulture hair is unbelievably lightweight and quick to install. No need to sit down for hours braiding to achieve the same look.”

PRICE: N3000

12″ Requires minimum 3 packs

24″ Requires minimum 4 packs

WHERE TO BUY: Right HERE on Girly Essentials

Check out these lovey pictures from the CAMPAIGN shoot and watch as Stephanie demonstrates how quick & easy it is to install the twists!

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Beauty & Skincare



Turmeric powder also known as Kurkum in parts of Northern Nigeria (West Africa) is popularly used for brides -to- be in that region as it gives the brides skin a golden glow before her wedding. This natural made concoction is used to scrub the bride 2-3 times a week before their wedding for radiant flawless skin. What is Turmeric?



1 cup – Natural yogurt or Milk
1/2 cup – Turmeric
1/3 cup – Organic honey
1/4 cup – Fresh lemon juice or lime juice

**This measurement is enough for 2-3 uses and can be used on the face if its not sensitive.


1. Mix all four ingredients into a bowl.

2. Add water for thinner consistency, if you wish.

3. Line bathroom with disposable paper or old napkins to avoid staining tiles and bath sink as Turmeric leaves yellow residue that may be difficult to remove.

4. Rub and scrub the paste on all parts of face (avoid eyes) and body in circular motions.

5. Leave the paste to dry on the skin for 30 minutes.

6. Rinse with warm water and towel the body.

7.Follow with your favourite body oil, preferably natural oils such as Coconut, Argan or custom oil mix.

8. Use scrub at night time. However, if you choose to use during the day, make sure you apply sunsreen after.

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Makeup That Actually Makes Your Skin Better


No-makeup makeup is no longer just a fleeting trend — it’s one of the biggest beauty staples, and it’s not going anywhere soon. So, of course, there’s a huge demand for cosmetics that make your skin look effortlessly flawless. Unfortunately, the results aren’t always easy to achieve. Proper skin care plays an important part in pulling off the “natural” look, but it’s something many people forget about or don’t have time for. Instead, we rely on makeup to conceal flaws, and natural goes out the window in favor of caked-on foundation.

Luckily, a lot of brands combine skin care and makeup. Your morning routine can become faster and simpler if you use a single BB cream that packs sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation, and your quixotic quest for dramatic lashes that won’t fall out can end with lash-enhancing mascara. It’s a wonder allmakeup isn’t infused with skin-care benefits.

For now, here are the brands that are ahead of the pack — and which genius products you should be buying from each.

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